Inomax soft starters AST700 380v 700kw application for mining projects


3 months ago,we got inquiry from customer about soft starters with below request:
380V to 440V (+/-15%); Output current > = 1200A; power: 900HP (670kW); frequêncy: 60Hz (+/-5%);
Overload = 5 starts / hour 300% overload /  <= 10 sec . acc time
: temperature ambient :  0°C a 40°C;  Humity: 20 a 90%,
– Application: drive of a three-phase electric induction motor 900CV/440V-1005A, 4 poles for controlling a two-part centrifugal pump (quadratic torque);
– General electrical specification of the Soft-Starter: mains voltage range (supply): from 380V to 440V (+/-15%); rated output current: greater than 1200A; power: 900CV (670kW); mains frequency: 60Hz (+/-5%);
– Control, starting regime and environmental conditions: control method: voltage variation in the three phases on the load, preferably provided with an internal bypass system; control types: voltage ramp, current limiting, current limiting ramp and pump control; normal starting regime: greater equal to 5 starts/hour at 300% of the starter switch’s nominal power (3 x nominal current) for a longer time equal to 10s for connection to 3 cables; environmental conditions: ambient temperature: 0°C to 40°C; Humidity: 20 to 90%, non-condensing; Altitude: less than 1000m;
– Protections: overvoltage; undervoltage; voltage unbalance; undercurrent; current unbalance; output overload (motor); inverted phase sequence; excessive departure time; ground fault; means of detecting overtemperature in the engine; external defect;
– Alarms: overtemperature or overload in the thyristors (SCR); lack of phase in the power supply; lack of phase at the output (motor); thyristor failure; CPU error; LCD keypd,communication error; undervoltage in electronics;
– Features and functions: Detachable LCD keypad, programming enable password; HMI (keypad) language selection in spanish; selection of the type of control; selection for local/remote operation; self-diagnosis of defects and self-reset of faults; history with storage of at least 5 last errors with voltage, current and status diagnosis; overvoltage, undervoltage and voltage unbalance between programmable phases; overcurrent, undercurrent and current unbalance between programmable phases; programmable nominal network voltage; programmable voltage and current ramp; programmable current limiting; programmable thermal protection class (motor overload);
– Human Machine Interface (HMI) to be mounted on the front door of the panel must allow: on, off and reset commands; parameterization (general programming of functions and protections); supervision (reading): motor current; power supply voltage; output voltage for the motor; active and apparent power supplied to the engine (kW/kVA); operational status of the soft-starter; status of digital and analog inputs and outputs; Cos (ϕ) or engine Power Factor; energized-enabled time; time with the engine running; value of analog outputs; viewing the error history and corresponding diagnoses;
– Field interfaces: minimum availability of 2 isolated programmable digital signal inputs 24Vdc, 2 programmable relay digital signal outputs 220V/1A and one analog signal output in the 4-20 mA range.
– Coating of electronic boards: better equal to class 3C2, in accordance with IEC 60721-3-3
– Standards: UL 508, EN 60947-4-2, LVD 2006/95/EC and EMC directive 2004/108/EC
our solutions for our customer is INOMAX AST7000 series 380V-480V 700KW  soft starers .
Totally meet all the request of customer with fast delivery time and competitive price.
Recently cusotmer give very satisfied feedback.
if you heve the same request for your soft starters, inomax will be your idea choice.



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