Who are we?

Shenzhen Inomax Technology is one of the top ten variable frequency inverter(VFD) manufacturer and frequency drive suppliers with leading technology in China.

we focus on Low voltage variable frequency drive(VFD) and Middle Voltage frequency inverter and High Voltage AC drive and regen drive and Sero drive and solar pump inverter.

we also have other industrial automation products like soft starters and Du/DT filter and passive filters and  EMC filters and AC input and AC output reactor’s.

Since our birth in 2012, we have been insisting on innovation. as a result INOMAX has mastered the core technology in the field of variable frequency drive.

Inomax frequency inverter not only have direct torque control(dtc) and safe torque off (sto) technology that other brand cannot support. We can also support some protocols like Profinet, Profibus, Internet, Ethercat, CanOpen etc.

Technology changes life and innovation drives the future.

what is the main application of inomax frequency inverter?

Inomax frequency drive not only for simple application like fan and pump and Lifting and crane,but also
for complex application like mining and oil and gas and metallurgy and cement and construction machinery and ships and ports
Inomax frequency inverter can directly replace Europe and Japan brand without any problem, for example ABB,SIEMENS,Allen-bradley, Danfoss,Schneider and Yaskawa.
In the core areas of some key heavy industries, Inomax frequency drive is the only option except abb

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