Inomax MV Soft Starters Hot Sold in Russia

Shipment of 3 Medium Voltage Soft Starters for Russian Customer Completed
Our medium voltage soft starters have the following features
1. Rated power 2500kW (current not only 300A)
2. Voltage 6kV (+-10%).
3. Ventilation system – natural ventilation.
4. Voltage of input and output control signals, B24.
5. Initial starting voltage 10-50% UN.
6. Motor starting current limit 350-400% In motor
7. Adjustable firing time, sec 1-60.
8. Additional deviation of rated voltage from 10-15% In
9. Penetration protection – compartment door program feeder device broadcasting through terminal switching system
10. Protection functions
– Protection against voltage increases and decreases in the power supply network;
-Protection against asymmetry of motor stator voltage and current;
– Protection against low-phase operating modes of motors that are being started;
– Limitation of switching and thunderstorm overvoltage from the network;
– Preoperative diagnosis of thyristor availability;
– Protection against overcurrents and short-circuiting of fuses;
– Thyristor voltage converter overload protection;
– Separate thermal control and protection of thyristors from overheating;
– Electronic time-current protection of motor overloads;
– Protection against unauthorized high voltage delivery to the power converter;
– Arc protection of ceiling valves;
– Protection against parameter changes;
– Insulation of the control converter, cables and motor components;
– Protective grounding to ensure the safety and comfort of the converter.
11. data transfer protocol with Modbus RTU RS485 (provide data transfer protocol description)
12. LCD panel – at least 10 inches Weintek
13. Dimensions (LxWxH): 1000 x 1500 x 2300 mm
14. Spare parts (thyristor 3-pin, fuse 3-pin)

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