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Shenzhen Inomax Technology is one of the top ten variable frequency inverter(VFD) manufacturer and frequency drive suppliers with leading technology in China.

Inomax Culture

company culture

Inomax is combination of Maximum and innovation,because we always believe innovation Promote social civilization and development,innovation make us always competitive …

Inomax Quality Control System

quality control system

Inomax has continuously enhanced the quality management system to achieve the best quality in all products and services…

Our Products

AC drive/VFD/AC Servo drive
Multi-Module Drives/Regen/AFE Drives
MAX500 AC drive /MAX500-PV Solar Pump Inverter
Motor Soft starters

Our Solutions

Why choose Inomax VFD?

  1.  As the leading Chinese VFD manufacturer, INOMAX provides high , medium and low voltage frequency drives, so that it meets request of different applications.
  2. INOMAX has 380V 690V 3.3KV 6KV 10KV  regenerative variable frequency drives, liquid variable speed drives and multi-module drive, power supply module, single-axis motor inverter drive ,Multi-axis mtor inverter drive module (multimachine drive industrial drive/common DC bus), DC-DC bidirectional DC power module combination drive (DC conversion Module).
  3. INOMAX is a very competitive supplier and manufacturer for electeric produces like DV/DT filters, passive filters, EMC filters, AC input and AC output reactors in China.
  4. INOMAX provides professional and competitive AC drive VFD solutions for tower crane, top drive system, oil drilling pumps, mud pump, screw pump, centrifugal pump, CNC servo injections machines, marine winch, metallurgy rolling mill machine, wooden machine, stone process machine, etc.

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) – AC Drive Manufacturers-Inomax Technology

As the leading VFD manufacturer in China and frequency drive supplier in China,Inomax Technology focus on Low voltage variable frequency drive(VFD),Middle Voltage frequency drives ,High Voltage AC drive, Servo drives, solar pumping inverters and motor soft starters.

What is VFD&VSD?

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) and Variable speed drive (VSD) is an electronic system used to control an AC induction motor. It can help control torque, speed, and motor direction, which smoothly starts and pushes the motor to the desired speed at a controlled acceleration rate.

When to use a VFD?

As a leading AC drive,VFD manufacturer in China and supplier, we recommend using VFD in many situations, which are as follows:
> To control the speed of a manufacturing process
> To provide a smooth start and vigilant acceleration to operating speed
> To ensure energy savings, especially in areas where a load’s torque and     power may vary.
> To make the process and quality enhancements in applications’ acceleration, monitoring, speed, temperature, tension, pressure, and torque
>To run a motor in specialized patterns to reduce mechanical and electrical stress


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