INOMAX VFD acs880 series experience for metallurgey project


This case is the successful application of the localization pioneer demonstration of the driver import substitution in this process.
Main Competitors:
Converter requirements for the transmission system:
Due to the technical characteristics of converters and transmission technology, converters have high requirements on transmission systems:
(1) Mechanical tilting converters can continuously rotate 360°, driven by 4 sets of 90KW frequency conversion motors, and can accurately Stop at any position, and its tilting position can have certain interlocking
requirements with related equipment such as oxygen lances, ladle carts and fume hoods
(2)During operation, there must be maximum safety and reliability. When a certain part of the equipment fails, the tilting machine should be able to continue to operate for a short period of time until the end of the first steelmaking furnace.
(3) The tilting machine should have good flexibility to buffer shock load and torsional vibrationgenerated by starting and braking
Effects and advantages:
1. Successfully completed import substitution
2. The master-slave communication perfectly realizes the open-loop
torque distribution of four motors without encoders
3. The four machines can be arbitrarily set as the master, and one-key switching
4. The system runs stably and is easy to debug
5. Special logic for lifting, stable shutdown


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