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1,The structure is modular side-by-side installation, the top common UDC DC bus structure 2,The power supply part can be selected from basic diode rectifier module, IGBT intelligent rectification and feedback module (UDC constant function), inverter motor module, etc. 3,Performance has the key features of high energy efficiency, large torque at full speed, fast response, accurate position control, and stable torque and  speed. 4,The system belongs to engineering type, Dafuyu large derating, high reliability design 5,For more detailed information and application, please contact our representative.


Inomax solar pump inverter,solar MPPT inverter ,solar pump controllers ,keyp advantages: 1,Auto MPPT value more than 99%; 2,User friendly,totally automatic running and stop ,no need set any parameters; 3,Automatically stop the pump when the tank is full and automatically stop pump when there have no water inside the well. 4,Inomax excellent software can do good logic calculation,when AC power and DC power work at the same time ,inverter will always take DC power priority, and when DC power not enough,AC power will do compensation.also no need set any parameters. 5,With over-voltage ,under-voltage, current limit, overload, overheat, over speed, over-voltage,short circuit protections ,life time more than 8 years. 6,With smart IOT functions,can do monitor or operation of your solar pumping system from mobile phone. 7,Strong compatibility, suitable for different types of water pumps, for example,centrifugal pumps, submersible pumps, axial flow pipeline pumps, gear pumps, reciprocating pumps... 8,220V invertes support both single phase output and 3phase output inverters. 9,Wide power range models from 0.75KW up to 800KW .

AST7000  is In-built bypass soft starters ,same technology as Aucom EMX3,ABB,DANFOSS and WEG.

Key advantages as below:
  1. Switch to bypass after startup, only the detection circuit is inside the soft start, heat dissipation is easy, and the service life is significantly increased.
  2. It still has various protections after the start-up is completed, preventing failures that cannot be detected and damaged components caused by various problems after switching to the bypass, and the external bypass will be more convenient for inspection and maintenance.
  3. More engey saving with bypass design and longer life time.
  4. Support English,Chinese,Russia,French,Spainish languages, meet requirements for different customer.
  5. Perfect and reliable protection function: loss of voltage, less voltage, over voltage protection; overheating, starting time too long; Input phase lost, output phase lost, three-phase imbalance; starting over current, overload and load short circuit protection, etc.
  6. Reliable quality assurance: using computer simulationdesign; SMT production process; Excellent electromagnetic compatibility performance.
  7. Full dynamic control field-bus monitoring starter, easy networking.
  8. LCD displaying screen can display parameter code, state and error,user friendly and higher efficiency.
  9. High temperature aging, vibration test of the machine before delivery.
  10. Cosf effective.

AST6100 is Intelligent online soft starters ,no need extra bypass and contactor,same technology as Schneider ATS48.

Key advantages:
  1. It saves external contactorscostand reduces the cost of the cabinet.
  2. No additional contactor is required to greatly reduce the space requirement, which is very suitable forapplication which have limitedspace.
  3. More than 20 protections give your motor best protections.
  4. Wide voltage design ,you can choose 220V 380V 440V 480V 525V 690V 1140V .
  5. Wide powr range,from 7.5KW up to 1400KW.
  6. Cost effective.

The sepcial motor tester system drives mainly to help achieve high-end applications of specialization, product original independent innovation and development: 1,Different types of structure, synchronous motor design, verification, mass production, motor parameters, motor performance, motor aging work test drive system (dynamometer) 2,All kinds of medium and high voltage motor tow test platform, high torque response high precision open loop drive, UDC bus voltage constant, electric energy very low harmonic feedback four quadrant function and characteristics. 3,All kinds of motor pre-assembled integrated, separate encoder installation accuracy and electrical performance detection and measurement applications.

The embedding of microprocessor chip technology and power electronic devices in the design of intelligent AC voltage stabilizers (or automatic voltage regulators (AVR)) led to produce high-quality, stable electric power supply in the event of significant and continuous deviation of mains voltage.

On systems that run 400 V class general-purpose motors by voltage-type PWM system inverters using ultra high-speed switching devices (e.g. IGBT), surge voltage, that is dependent on cable length, cable laying methods, cable constants, and other factors, sometimes causes the insulation of the motor winding to deteriorate. For this reason, measures for suppressing surge voltage are performed by installing a DC reactor or surge suppression filter on the inverter output end where the insulation-reinforced motor is used.

Inomax Solarpoint Power Optimizer is a DC/DC converter which is connected by installers to each solar module, turning them into smart modules. The Solarpoint Power Optimizers increase energy output from PV systems by constantly tracking the maximum power point (MPPT) of each module individually. Furthermore, the Power Optimizers monitor the performance of each module and communicate performance data to the SolarPoint monitoring platform for enhanced, cost-effective module-level maintenance. Each Power Optimizer is equipped with the unique SafeD feature, which is designed to automatically reduce modules' DC voltage to a safe level whenever the inverter or grid power is shut down.

Advantage of inomax solar off-grid inverters

  1. Advanced Syn.R.M. and PMSM Driving Technology;
  2. Wide-range and High Efficiency MPPT Technology;
  3. Various Specific Functions for Solar Pumping;
  4. Intelligent IOT;
  5. Functional Monitoring Software;
  6. Flexible and Various Installation;

ACSMX series high performance servo drive High dynamic torque and speed response, high torque and speed accuracy, higher and faster positioning and positioning accuracy, more convenient and intuitive debugging interface, more flexible parameter pointer programming applications, higher reliability throughout the life cycle Sex. Servo controller for dynamic control of motion. It can support a variety of machine axes for easy, fast and accurate positioning, especially the machine tool spindle, which can achieve precise stop, fast tool change, rigid tapping and other functions. It is also particularly suitable for: continuous material processing and packaging industry, paper hole punching in the printing industry, winding and storage technology in the textile industry (on-site logistics handling and positioning systems and mobile drives

A servo drive receives a command signal from a control system, amplifies the signal, and transmits electric current to a servo motor in order to produce motion proportional to the command signal. Typically, the command signal represents a desired velocity, but can also represent a desired torque or position. A sensor attached to the servo motor reports the motor's actual status back to the servo drive. The servo drive then compares the actual motor status with the commanded motor status. It then alters the voltage, frequency or pulse width to the motor so as to correct for any deviation from the commanded status. In a properly configured control system, the servo motor rotates at a velocity that very closely approximates the velocity signal being received by the servo drive from the control system. Several parameters, such as stiffness (also known as proportional gain), damping (also known as derivative gain), and feedback gain, can be adjusted to achieve this desired performance. The process of adjusting these parameters is called performance tuning. Many servo motors require a drive specific to that particular motor brand or model, but Inomax servo drive are compatible with a wide variety of motors.. ACSMX series servo system with excellent performance and powerful functions. Complete specifications, covering 1.5kW~1400kW capacity. Simple commissioning and reliable operation to meet customer control needs.

INOMAX DTC drive with  leading energy efficiency, excellent performance (sensorless application), perfect replacement for closed loop vector control (non-position control), full AC motor efficient and reliable drive with low speed PM motor for direct drive, support for mainstream communication protocols Advantages: lifting , crimping applications, petroleum screw pumps, electric submersible pumps, synchronous reluctance motor applications, permanent magnet synchronous motor applications, DC motor applications Power range: ACS880 series 380V 3.7-560 KW 690V 55-1400 KW