INOMAX 4Q regenerative drive for mine hoist

Mine hoist is a complex application in mining industries especially for big power and long distance.
The project we are going to share with you is the one for our Germany customer ,but end user is Russia customer.
The hoist motor is 560KW ,690V.
The key demand for technical request as below:
1. Low frequency operation time is long, such as 0.06hz-1.5hz operation for 1-2 hours every day, because this time is mine maintenance time-
2. The current output is very large when accelerating. 
3. Energy feedback is required in 4 quadrants to save energy and reduce harmonics.
4. Some projects require synchronous excitation ,VFD should have synchronous excitation function.
According to their request, what we offer to them is our 690V 800KW regeverative drive ,but they finally choose 1000KW to ensure the VFD have enough overload ability.
because the running time is long during big load in low frequency.
What we offer to them not only the regenerative drive modules, but also the electirc cabinet.

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