Inomax VFD solutions for cement plant from 630KW-5000KW

China Gezhouba Group Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the construction of water conservancy and hydropower projects, and its annual cement production capacity ranks among the top ten in the country.
This case involves the energy saving and consumption reduction of the 690V 550kW drive of the main coal mill of the 2# cement kiln production line of a branch plant, reducing equipment failure rate and maintenance expenditure.
The multi-winding transformer changes from 10kV to 690V on the high-voltage side, and enters the INOMAX ACS860 driver for 12-pulse rectification after power distribution through circuit breakers to reduce harmonic pollution of the power grid. overhaul, etc.
The upper picture on the right is the main system configuration diagram, the middle is the actual ACS860, and the lower is the coal mill
 Effects and advantages
1. The ACS860 drive equipped with direct torque control technology ensures the successful start-up under the large low frequency torque required each time the coal mill is full of materials, and uses the constant speed and torque of the coal mill to ensure the quality of pulverized coal.
2. The energy saving is about 30% under the data of 1-month trial operation in the early stage, and the equipment maintenance cost are basically controlled, and the effect is good.
3. Thanks to the excellent motor control ability, the drive waveform and parameters of the permanent magnet motor side reach a very ideal state with or without output reactor, ensuring that the motor works in a more ideal operating state.

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