Inomax cooperation with Sany of ACC series special frequency drive for crane/lifting /tower crane

Inomax ACC series frequency drives is special drive for lifting/crane application which is approved by Sany.(
One major challenge for many lifting applications involves the winging of a load.
Any time a crane moving a load accelerates or stops, it causes the load to sway back and forth.
The heavier the load, the more potentially dangerous and disruptive the swinging becomes. Production time is lost while waiting for the load to stabilize when in position.
To address these concerns,inomax ACC 860 drives provide built-in anti-sway capability.
Which make benefit from below:
• Helps protect personnel and assets by reducing the unpredictable, pendulum-like movements of a load
• Helps improve productivity by reducing the time needed to wait for a swinging load to stabilize
• Helps control sway of a load without the need for additional sensors, external controller or complex programming 
• Doesn’t require application expertise
• just configure a few drive parameters
• Helps extend the life of mechanical components
• Can be used with a manual or automatic operation mode

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