Inomax VFD is popular in different countries


Inomax general purpose VFD is popular in different countries by below key advantages,
1,Support Applicable motors: AC induction motor and frequency asynchronous motor
2,High performance open loop and close loop vector control (support different kinds of encoders)
3,High torque control in low frequency 0.5Hz/150%SVC), and 0Hz/200%(FVC)real vector control with three hall sensor current detecting,output frequency up to 3200hz.
4,Support 2 analog input 0-10v 4-20MA and two analog output as well as support IO expansion card
5,Protections: Over-voltage stall, under-voltage, current limit, overload, overheat, over speed, over-voltage, etc.
6.Support PID with fastest response
7,Energy saving function,can save 15%-30% more energy.
8,Support RJ45 Cables and standard keypad support 100m control
9,fast auto tuning less than 1 minutes
Power range from 220V -480V 0.75KW-630KW ,good quality and enough stocks ,your inquiry is welcome at any time.

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