INOMAX acs880 ac drive solution for metal slitting machine

When metal slitting machine manufacturers design the slitting machine production line, they specially designed an integrated structural scheme, which can significantly improve the rigidity of the mechanical structure, reduce the degree of vibration, and help improve the quality of the finished product. However, this structure relies on the speed and torque control accuracy of the drive to the motor. Through the excellent speed and torque mode control of the high-performance drive, it not only improves the production efficiency, but also reduces the mechanical failure rate and maintenance cost.

Equipment such as unwinding (unwinding), slitting and slitting, coiling (winding), laminating and other equipment needs to be equipped with a motor and a driver. The feeding positioning and edge feeding machines need to be equipped with two motors and drivers, and each transmission part is driven by a servo motor.

Inomax ACS880 driver has superior performance and can control the servo motor to output high torque at low speed, meeting the requirements of different complex working conditions in different application sites. And communicate with PC by Profinet communication and exchange data in real time, which can ensure the stable and reliable operation of the overall system of the slitting machine. And when controlling the slitting machine, sanding line and laminating line with high tension requirements, the steel plate will be unrolled for tension control, The plate will naturally oscillate. In this environment, the driver increases the vibration suppression function in the torque mode. Even when the machine is running at very low speed, the state is still stable, and the plate has no vibration.

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