inomax acs 880 frequency converter for tunnelling shield machines


Tunnelling shield machines play a crucial role in the construction of underground tunnels and are widely used in various industries such as transportation, mining and hydroelectric power. However,control the tunnelling shiled machine need have big torque and also need VFD with smaller size because the space limited.  A reliable and efficient frequency control system is therefore essential for successful tunneling operations. INOMAX liquid cooling frequency drive solution offers an optimal control system that meets the demands of tunnelling operations.
The system consists of frequency drives, water-cooling system.  can realize high-precision control of common induction motors and high-efficiency permanent magnet motors in the large power range under the condition of 380…690Vac power supply. The ultra-compact structure and high power density make it especially suitable for applications with limited installation space and harsh environments, and has excellent performance in various extreme environmental conditions.
Advantages of INOMAX Liquid Cooling Frequency Drive Solution
High Efficiency
INOMAX liquid cooling frequency drive solution is highly efficient and can provide up to 70% energy savings compared to conventional air-cooled systems. This is achieved through the use of water-cooled motors, which have a higher efficiency than air-cooled motors. The liquid coolers also ensure that the system operates at optimal temperatures, reducing energy consumption and minimizing wear on the components.
Reliable Performance
The INOMAX liquid cooling frequency drive solution is designed to offer reliable performance in harsh environments. The system is sealed and protected from dust, moisture and other contaminants.
Easy Maintenance
INOMAX liquid cooling frequency drive solution is easy to maintain and requires minimal downtime. The system is designed with easily accessible components, making it easy to replace or repair any faulty components. The liquid coolers are also designed with removable panels for easy cleaning and maintenance.
INOMAX liquid cooling frequency drive solution is highly customizable and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of different tunnelling operations. The system can be designed to operate at different speeds and torque levels, depending on the requirements of the application. The liquid coolers can also be customized to operate in different ambient temperatures, ensuring reliable performance in a wide range of environments.

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