how to solve the problem of inverter too far from motor?


Often,there have customer ask me below question,

ABB’s AC580 series inverters are used at the project site. The inverter cabinet and the motor are not in the same machine room, and the distance between them is about 500 meters. What kind of problems should I pay attention to for this long-distance transmission frequency conversion solution? What should be paid attention to when selecting the inverter and motor, and how to control the inverter?

our solution is like below:

When the inverter is transmitting over long distances, dudt and Umax problems will occur. It should be noted that this value needs to be tested on both the motor side and the converter test.

Now the general method is to add a dudt filter in the converter, which is a large inductor, and then add an reactor absorption circuit. Motor side should also add reactor appropriately to ensure safety.

Basically, the magnitude of these two values is related to the inductance of the dudt filter, the DC bus voltage value, the IGBT switching time, the degree of impedance matching between the converter and the motor, and the type and length of the wire.

So far I haven’t seen the literature that is too accurate. It gives accurate quantitative analysis, but the basic trends in engineering are consistent.


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