How to choose the correct soft starter for your application?

soft starters


For soft starters ,currently there have 3 types in the market

1,Intelligent online soft starters ,no need extra bypass and contactor

2,In-built bypass soft starters

3,Online soft starters with cabinet, no need to add extra cabinet.

Which one is more suitable for your application?

Let’s see their advantage and disadvtange first,

Intelligent online type (without bypass type) has two advantages:

1. It saves external contactors cost and reduces the cost of the cabinet.

2. No additional contactor is required to greatly reduce the space requirement, which is very suitable for application which have limited space.

Disadvantage is the entire operation process is completed inside the soft start, so soft starters is always under hot working condition,the life time is affected.

The bypass type (with bypass contactor) also has two advantages:

1. Switch to bypass after startup, only the detection circuit is inside the soft start, heat dissipation is easy, and the service life is significantly increased.

2. It still has various protections after the start-up is completed, preventing failures that cannot be detected and damaged components caused by various problems after switching to the bypass, and the external bypass will be more convenient for inspection and maintenance.

The disadvantage is that bypass and contactors, especially high-current contactors, are often with big size, which will increase the soft starter cabinet cost and shipping cost. The increased contactor cost is often not a small amount, so not cost effective.

for all the 3 type soft starters ,we can offer you solutions of any application of 220V 380-480V 525V-690V,1140V …from 0.75KW-2300KW

At inomax ,there always have one option for you industrial control application.

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