INOMAX VFD solutions for HVAC application

INOMAX ACS580,MAX500 VFD are widly application for HVAC system in different countries.
The most significant benefit to using inomax VFD is energy savings.
By matching system capacity to the actual load throughout the entire year, major savings in system motor energy use are achieved.
Another benefit of inomax VFD is reduced wear and tear on the motors. 
When an induction motor is started, it draws a much higher current than during normal operation. 
This inrush current can be three to ten times the full-load operating current for the motor, generating both heat and stress in the motor’s windings and other components. 
In motors that start and stop frequently, this contributes to early motor failures.
In contrast, when a motor connected to a VFD is started, the VFD applies a very low frequency and low voltage to the motor.
Both are gradually ramped up at a controlled rate to normal operating conditions, extending motor life.
Inomax VFDs also provide more precise levels of control of applications. 
For example, high-rise buildings use a booster pump system on the domestic water supply to maintain adequate water pressure at all levels within the building.
Conventional pump controls in this type of application can maintain the pressure within a certain range,
but a VFD-based system can maintain more precise control over a wider range of flow rates, while reducing energy requirements and pump wear.

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