Inomax regenerative drive solutions for dynamometer test bench systems

Inomax solutions for dynamometer test bench systems are widly application for rail transit (motor train, subway), automobile (fuel engine, new energy vehicle motor, gearbox, chassis dynamometer, axle, test bench system and vehicle energy flow test, etc.), wind power equipment (wind power complete machine, gear box), motor (motor, generator), industrial equipment (drilling machinery, pump, gear box). Provide a complete solution for your product from R&D, certification to factory testing.
Key advantages of Inomax dynamometer test bench system:
1. Significant energy saving effect
  The mechanical energy generated by the prime mover is converted into electrical energy and fed back to the grid.
2. Good bidirectional loading characteristics
  Provides two-way consistent loading capacity to adapt to different steering power mechanical tests.
3. Wide range of speed adaptation 
Basically, the rated load torque can be provided from zero speed to 5-6 times of field weakening.
4. High torque response speed
The torque response speed of the electric dynamometer can reach the ms level, and it is used in the simulated load and new energy industry.
5. Provide anti-drag capability
Can be used as a power source, such as mechanical efficiency power drag, generator power drag, one machine for multiple purposes
6, a variety of protection functions
Provide various protection functions such as phase loss, overvoltage, overcurrent, overspeed, etc., to protect the dynamometer and test pieces.


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