Inomax frequency drive solution for shore power projects

If the ships docked at the port wharf can turn off the diesel generators and switch to the port power grid for power supply, it can not only reduce air and water pollution, but also reduce the operating costs of the ships
However, the electrical system on most ships is different from that of the port. At this time, it is necessary to supply power to the ship through the shore power converter. Inomax ACS880 shore power inverter is powered by the shore side AC grid or alternator, and can output reliable high-quality three-phase AC power with a frequency that meets the requirements of the ship.
Product Overview
ACS880 shore power converter consists of a shore rectifier and a ship-side power inverter. The shore rectifier has two kinds: diode rectifier and IGBT active rectifier. The ship-side power inverter is composed of IGBT power module combined with unique DTC control technology and LCL filter.
The shore power converter adopts multiple power modules of the same size in parallel. The power module is a plug-in trolley structure, which is convenient for maintenance. When a module is faulty, you can quickly replace the faulty module or remove the faulty module. The remaining intact modules continue to run in reduced capacity, providing excellent redundancy.
Advantages of Products
1)high reliability, easy maintenance
2)Compact structure, high power density, convenient installation of container electrical room
3)Select Marine option, can be installed on board the use, with classification society form certification
4)Common DC bus structure, convenient for multiple berths at the same time to configure shore power inverter, compatible with a variety of new energy access
Product performance
1)Low harmonics can be injected into the public power grid to meet the requirements of IEEE519 standard. Three-phase asymmetric load can be rectified, and three-phase symmetrical sinusoidal voltage can be maintained to output the harmonic wave of the power grid, with active filtering function
2)Provide reactive power output
3)Instantaneous high current output
4)DTC closed loop control. When the load changes, the fast dynamic response is guaranteed, and the voltage drop and recovery time are reduced
5)Can be active or passive grid operation with other AC power grids or generators, seamless connection; And use the droop function to adjust the load distribution
6)Intelligent processing of inverse power
7)Has the protection function for equipment and personnel safety
8)Support a variety of communication protocols optional module, with the function of communication with the upper computer output power quality comply with global standards
Typical Applications
1)Port electric frequency converter
2)Marine applications: shaft generator, frequency conversion power supply, new energy ship
3)Build microgrids based on energy storage, diesel generators, wind power or solar power
4) Industrial variable frequency power sources
5)Backup auxiliary power supply system for key industries (battery provided DC source)


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