Inomax freqeuncy drive /VFD for marine propeller

With low harmonics,lower motor noise,high torque in low frequency and regenerative feedback functions as well as the CCSC certificates,
Inomax special drive for Marine is well approved by well know ship manufacturer (some belong to government ,some belong to military) and win big good order quantity.
Inomax supply VFD from 220V-690V-3kv-6kv-10kv , 0.75KW -50000KW ,DTC control ,vector control, regenerative drives, multi-module drive ,liquid cooling drives.
Also have special drives for crane/lifting,winder/unwinder,servo injection machines,oil filed ,HVAC ,solar pumps , can meet reqeust for different area.
If you have any problem or request of VFDs ,contact us ,we will give you our best solutions in time.

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