Inomax 690V VFD solutions for top drive system

Inomax VFD solution for Top Drive system is driven by a variable frequency drive (VFD) control system for a wide range of torque and speed performance.
The system include an integrated swivel, a special high safety link tilt system, remote and manual IBOP valves, a back-up clamp for making and breaking connections,
a guide beam for drill torque reaction, and an electrical service loop. A compact, integrated hydraulic power unit mounted on the top drive eliminates the need for hydraulic service loops.
The compact dimensions of Inomax Top Drives ensure easy installation into existing or new rigs.
Inomax VFD with direct torque control, Torque response time lower than 5 ms for sensorless applications (0 step to the rated torque).
The torque repeatability is 1% . It is equal to the closed-loop vector or dc device.It doesn’t need a sensor to realize excellent driver performance and speed feedback or position feedback in 95% application

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