Application of INOMAX ACS880 4 Quadrant regenerative VFD in Electric Motor Test Bench

Electric Motor Test Bench/dynamometer is advantagd area for Inomax 4Q regenerative drive.

Introduction of motor test bench project

The electric motor test bench includes 2 motors, one is MUT (Motor under test), the other is DM (Driving motor). During the test, the controller controls the motor speed and torque. One motor works under motoring mode, the other motor works under generator mode. The system can realize features:

1.Motor durability and mechanical properties

2.Motor temperature rise and overload performance

3.Motor field weakening performance and efficiency, power factor

4.Display voltage, current, torque, speed, output power, and efficiency in real time

VFD selection for motor test bench project

1.Power unit

To make sure the motor constant torque output, keep DC bus voltage stable, and reduce the interference in the site, select Inomax AFE (Active front End) as rectifier, Inomax AFE rectifier adopts IGBT to replace diode rectifier, comes standard with LCL filter, input THDi<5%.

When the motor test bench is working, one motor is under motoring mode, the other is regenerative mode, so can select small power rating rectifier

Converter adopts 2pcs power unit, output frequency range is 0~1000Hz, frequency resolution is 0.01Hz, open loop torque response time is less than 20ms.

2.Control unit

The rectifier control unit (RCU) and inverter control unit (ICU), through drive cable, three modules output uvw at the same time through the reactor and then concatenate the output to drive a single motor

Advantages of Inomax 4Q regenerative drive for motor test bench 

1.Significant energy saving effect The mechanical energy generated by the prime mover is converted into electrical energy and fed back to the grid. 

2. Good bidirectional loading characteristics Provides two-way consistent loading capacity to adapt to different steering power mechanical tests. 

3. Wide range of speed adaptation Basically, the rated load torque can be provided from zero speed to 5-6 times of field weakening. 

4. High torque response speed The torque response speed of the electric dynamometer can reach the ms level, and it is used in the simulated load and new energy industry. 

5. Provide anti-drag capability Can be used as a power source, such as mechanical efficiency power drag, generator power drag, one machine for multiple purposes 

6, a variety of protection functions Provide various protection functions such as phase loss, overvoltage, overcurrent, overspeed, etc., to protect the dynamometer and test pieces.


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