Inomax have stock of ac drive acs580 can replace abb ACS800-04-0025-2/ACS800-04-0030-2

Range of product ACS580  freuquncy inverter abb Analog
Product or component type High performance DTC drive
Product specific application Complex, Heavy duty,Speed control,Tension control,Position control,Lifting contol,DTC,STO,direction torque control,Safe Torque Off
Power range 1.5kW-560kw
Power supply voltage 220v,230v,240v,380v,400v,440v,480v,500v,520v,600v,660v,690v
control mode: DTC control,Vector control
Protocol type: Modbus,CanOpen,Profibus, Profinet,Ethercat,Ethernet
adapt motor type: Induction motor, Synchronous motor,Servo Motor,Magnetic Levitation Motor,PMSM motror
Warranty: 24 months