Chemical industry

Inomax’s products and solutions have been used across a variety of chemical factories, both for energy saving and for optimization of production processes. The company’s products guarantee secure and stable chemical production for chemical industry end users around the world.

Electric motors in pharmaceutical industry consumes significant amounts of electricity; estimated to be about two-thirds of all usage. Even a simple air conditioning system, costing a few hundred pounds, can be expected to consume many tens of thousands of pounds worth of electricity over its useful lifetime. Variable frequency drives can help to make significant energy savings by controlling the motor speed.

The supply chain also bears part of the blame for the industry’s lack of confidence in variable frequency drives. In the majority of cases, buying teams look for a solution to a manufacturing problem, in the form of a complete system. As a result, machine builders and systems integrators will compete on sale price, but not on the overall system cost including energy consumption. This means that variable frequency drives are often regarded as non-essential optional extras. However, 90 per cent of the lifetime cost of an electric motor comes from its energy consumption. It is therefore clear that the energy cost of a system should be the first thing a buying team look for in a quote, as it may well be the single item that most effects the bottom line over time.