Test platform for of electric vehicles/dynamometer

Inomax four qudrant regenerative VFD provide  cost effecitve , high efficiency, low maintenance, small footprint and environmental friendly solution to your dynamometer.
Inomax solution for dynamometer system, which  comprised of an active front end drive and an single/multi motor module. 
Can reduce the system harmnics and feedback energy to on-grid power to achieve the effect of energy saving.
Main advantages of this dynamometer system are flexibility, high efficiency,energy saving, low maintenance, small footprint and environmental friendly. 
The flexibility of the solution allows for testing drives at different power, voltage and frequency levels. 
Since the power is circulated within the system, the power loss is minimal and the energy savings and environmental benefits are considerable, 
The solution is remotely controlled from a computer controlled interface through Profibus. 
The dynamometer system not only performs very well in testing the drives under their full power capability, 
but also does not interfere with the normal operation of the factory equipment fed from the same distribution transformer.
Choose good VFD solution for dynamometer,choose Inomax!