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INOMAX VEC series new energy electric vehicle drives, relying on leading AC motor drive control technology, can achieve efficient, stable and reliable drive for various new energy vehicle motors, especially the drive control of permanent magnet synchronous motors, and improve the endurance and operation of new energy vehicles reliability The main technical highlights are as follows: 1 Leading in energy efficiency in the industry, the leading advantage of permanent magnet synchronous motor in energy efficiency is more obvious, improving the endurance of new energy vehicles. 2 Sensorless drive control technology reduces the sensor’s easy point of failure and improves the reliability of the vehicle; at the same time, it reduces sensor installation and maintenance costs. 3 Industry-leading permanent magnet synchronous motor field weakening control technology improves the electrical reliability of the vehicle. It applicable to all kinds of electric passenger vehicles, electric motorcycles, and electric forklifts. Compatible with synchronous and asynchronous motor. Also applicable to electric and hybrid electric vehicles (the rated voltage of power battery: 60-144V), such as mid-short distance passenger cars, tour buses, logistics vehicles, sanitation trucks, and material vehicles, etc.