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The sepcial motor tester system drives mainly to help achieve high-end applications of specialization, product original independent innovation and development: 1. Different types of structure, synchronous motor design, verification, mass production, motor parameters, motor performance, motor aging work test drive system (dynamometer) 2,All kinds of medium and high voltage motor tow test platform, high torque response high precision open loop drive, UDC bus voltage constant, electric energy very low harmonic feedback four quadrant function and characteristics. 3,All kinds of motor pre-assembled integrated, separate encoder installation accuracy and electrical performance detection and measurement applications.

We offer customized AC drives for Air suspension, magnetic levitation, super multi-pole logarithm, ultra-high subdivision and other innovative motor drives with high support capabilities, specific technical implementation effects and industry application cases and experience,we will offer you excellent solution based on our strong ability of R&D team and considerate service.