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Range of product ACS150, ACS355, ACS510/550, ACS530, ACS580, ACS600, ACS800 single module, ACS800 multi-module, ACS800-67, ACS800-67LC, ACS800-77/87LC, ACS800LC, ACS850, ACS880 single module, ACS880multi-module, ACS880-87LC, DCS400, DCS550, DCS800, DCS880, ACS580MV
Product or component type High performance DTC drive
Product specific application Complex, Heavy duty,Speed control,Tension control,Position control,Lifting contol,DTC,STO,direction torque control,Safe Torque Off
Power range 1.5kW-560kw
Power supply voltage 220v,230v,240v,380v,400v,440v,480v,500v,520v,600v,660v,690v
control mode: DTC control,Vector control
Protocol type: Modbus,CanOpen,Profibus, Profinet,Ethercat,Ethernet
adapt motor type: Induction motor, Synchronous motor,Servo Motor,Magnetic Levitation Motor,PMSM motror
Warranty: 24 months