Iron/steel and metallurgy

Inomax offers an extensive range of products for iron and steel production, including medium and low voltage industrial AC drives. Inomax’s engineers have an in-depth understanding of the whole iron and steel production process, and offer integrated solutions for iron smelting, steel smelting and steel rolling. Application-specific solutions include blast furnace blowers, main sintering fans, dust blowers, electromagnetic stirring, and hot and cold rolling.

1,With direct torque control technology, stator flux and torque are used as the main control variables.

The combination of high-speed digital signal processor and advanced motor software model enables the state of the motor to be updated at 40,000 times/s.

Since the motor state and the comparison value between the actual value and the given value are constantly updated, each switching state of the inverter is determined individually.

This means that its drive system can produce the best combination of switches and respond quickly to dynamic changes such as load disturbances and instantaneous power failures.

2,With direct torque control, there is no need to separately control the voltage and frequency of the PWM modulator.

Therefore, there is no fixed chopping frequency.

In actual operation, the high-frequency noise emitted by other inverters driving the motor will not be generated, and the power consumption of the inverter itself will also be reduced.

3,The standard built-in AC reactor significantly reduces the harmonic content of the incoming power supply, greatly reduces the electromagnetic radiation of the inverter, and protects the rectifier diode and filter capacitor from the impact of voltage and current.

4,Full load in 0 speed: The motor driven by inomax ACS880 can obtain the rated torque of the motor at zero speed, and does not require the feedback of an encoder or a tachometer motor. While vector control inverter can only achieve full torque output when it is close to zero speed.

5,The precise torque control provided by direct torque control enables inomax ACS880 to provide a controllable and stable maximum starting torque.

The maximum starting torque can reach 200% of the rated motor torque.

6,Automatic start: The automatic start characteristic of ACS880 exceeds the performance of flying start and integral start of general frequency drives

Because ACS880 can measure the state of the motor within a few milliseconds, it can be started quickly within 0.48s under any condition. The vector control inverter needs to be more than 2.2s.

7,In the flux optimization mode, the motor flux is automatically adapted to the load to improve efficiency and reduce motor noise.

This is due to the optimization of the magnetic flux. Based on different loads, the total efficiency of the inverter and the motor can be increased by 1%-10%.

8,Precise speed control: The dynamic speed error of inomax ACS880 is 0.3%s in open-loop application and 0.1%s in closed-loop application.

The vector control inverter is greater than 0.8%s in open loop and 0.3%s in closed loop. The static accuracy of the inomax ACS880 frequency converter is 0.01%.

9,Accurate torque control: The dynamic torque step response time can reach 1-5ms in open loop applications,

while the vector control inverter needs 10-20ms in closed loop and 100-200ms in open loop.

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